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Garden Spells


I just finished reading a book called ‘Garden Spells‘ by Sarah Addison Allen. I picked up the book from the library only because it said ‘Adored Chocolat? Be enchanted by Garden Spells’. I loved ‘The Lollipop Shoes‘ and ‘Chocolat‘ by Joanne Harris and have a soft spot for books with food and folklore/magic. I have grown up reading Enid Blyton and ‘The Enchanted Wood’ is my all time favourite book. I am a grown up but in my soul, I am still that small child who believes in magic, miracles et al.

An excerpt from the book –

‘Business was doing well, because all the locals knew that dishes made from the flowers that grew around the apple tree in the Waverley garden could affect the eater in curious ways.The biscuits with lilac jelly the Ladies Aid ordered for their meetings once a month gave them the ability to keep secrets. The fried dandelion buds over marigold-peta rice, stuffed pumpkin blossoms, and rose-hip soup ensured your company would notice only the beauty of your home and never the flaws. Anise hyssop honey butter on toast, angelica candy and cupcakes with crystallised pansies made children thoughtful……………and the salads made with chicory and mint had you believing that something good was about to happen, whether it was true or not’.

The narration is easy on the head but is predictable. The book is all about love, magical food, delightful romance with  good men and villains  straight out of the never-never world. I love happy endings and YES this book has one.

The best part about the book for me was the description of the food, which made me crave for all the magical food (wishful thinking that such food existed) and eat more cupcakes/muffins and candies…..just the way I gorged on chocolates while  reading ‘Chocolat’ and ‘The Lollipop Shoes’.

Well…we may not have the magic ingredients to cook up that extra special meal.. but we do have love – which is sort of magic right??? 😀