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My tryst with ‘SUSHI’


I have often wondered why a lot of people like ‘Sushi’ so much.I see people talking about it all over the net. People going gaga over it…sushi this…and sushi that…tweets/fb reading “Goin For Sushi..Yummmm/ Sushi yeahhh’. Never seen anyone say ‘Going to Mc D/Burger King…burgers n fries yummmm’ or ‘Pasta/Pizza …yeah’ ūüėÄ So why is Sushi ¬†so popular and trendy? What’s the deal anyways? ūüėČ

Is it cause it sounds so exotic- raw fish et al…The¬†vinegar-ed¬†rice plus the combination of raw fish and seaweed does make it very pleasing to the eye.¬†Am sure sushi lovers have their own reasons. And me asking the question is the same as people in far off parts of the world asking why is¬†Mc Donalds or Subway so popular. (I am a big fan of Subway BTW)

Well for me the thought of putting a piece of raw fish into my mouth was a huge turn off and so I never gave it a go (Ignorant me wasn’t aware that there is a veg variety of ¬†sushi too). In Bangalore (where I lived for 8 years), I couldn’t do without my bi weekly dose of Chinese ūüôā¬†(and Japanese food was not as popular as Chinese).

Anyways, once we moved to Wellington (NZ), I saw people queuing up to this Sushi takeaway joint during the lunch hour. The queue is so long at times that it spills over to the main road. All this for a bite Sushi!!!

So one not so fine spring afternoon, I decided to try some sushi for lunch while my hubby enjoyed his Burrito. So I picked up few¬†Makizushi and¬†Nigirizushi -all vegetarian with mushrooms, carrots, avocado, lettuce etc. So there I was ready with my soy sauce, wasabi and chop sticks. A mouthful of¬†Nigirizushi with¬†avocado¬†did not impress me neither did the other varieties of makizushi in all it’s colourful glory. I could barely finish it and headed to Mc D for some fries and hot chocolate to fill me up.